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Master Photographer Richard P Walton FSWPP

Welcome and thanks for clicking in...

Welcome to my online portfolio, this website hosts a selection of some my favourite photographs from journey as a professional photographer so far.

I am a freelance photographer providing studio and location photographs for agency, editorial, corporate clients and more.
I have been taking photographs professionally for eleven years. During this time I have been on a journey to discover the artist within. I have always had a passion for creating original photographs that come from my own visions and ideas. I want to push my own limits as a photographer and push my clients limits, giving them an experience they will never forget whilst making them feel good about themselves.

I have been fortunate to travel the world taking photographs and teaching other photographers. I want to help people understand that it is O.K to be an individual in this world.
Photography gives me a reason, a purpose and a great excuse to do the things I want to do in life, it has lead me to amazing places and introduced me to some amazing people.
The limitless nature of photography drives me, like a drug, it is an addiction I can’t quit, it’s endless possibilities mean I can never get bored, never reach the top, it’s always evolving and opening my mind.
My goal is to not only succeed as a photographer but as a person, if I can help people, whilst giving them a good experience I am very happy.

Recent Clients

Ottilli Pop

low life



kill city


gumball 3000

Maxim Magazine





Speaking experience

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Awards & Qualifications


Awarded ‘Master of the Society’ with the SWPP 2015

Documentary winner in the SWPP international print competition 2015

5 merit awards in the international SWPP 20×16 print competition 2015

3 Merit awards in the international SWPP 20×16 print competition 2014

Nominated for ‘Photographer of the year’ with the SWPP 2013

8 Merit awards in the 2013 SWPP 20×16 print competition

Avant Garde photographer of the year 2012 (SWPP)

Nominated for photographer of the year (SWPP) 2012

6 Gold awards SWPP 2012

7 Merit awards in the 20×16 international print competition – SWPP Convention 2012

Overall portrait photographer of the year 2011 SWPP 20×16 print competition

6 Merit awards in the 20×16 print competition – SWPP Convention 2011

4 Gold awards SWPP 2010

3 Merit awards in the 20×16 print competition – SWPP Convention 2010

12 Gold awards SWPP 2009

2 Merit awards in the 20×16 print competition – SWPP Convention 2009

3 Gold awards SWPP 2008

Panasonic ‘Photo of the year’ 2004


In 2012 I achieved a Fellowship qualification with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. “At this standard, you can expect images that not only display a high degree of technical ability, but also portray imagination and creativity in execution and presentation. These are important factors that often go hand in hand with higher prices as this qualification is held by the top 1% of practitioners, who coincidentally are often impressive image makers and astute businessmen.”

In January 2015 I was awarded ‘Master of the Society’ with the Society of Wedding and Portrait photographers. This is an award given for long term help within the photography industry. Over the years I have been very active supplying Magazine articles, Seminars, workshops, competition judging, mentoring and qualification judging.

During my college years I achieved a National Diploma in Photography and Digital Imaging. I later went on to study in University but felt it wasn’t for me so decided to concentrate on physical practice and began working in a high street studio.

Photo training –

Click here to find out more information regarding photo training, I offer a number of options and often present seminars for The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

Museum standard fine art framed prints –

Please contact me for more information, prices start at £1950


+44 7881 369 141