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The workshop is split into two parts with classroom based teaching in the morning and practical shooting in the afternoon.

I love to share my knowledge with other photographers who are also passionate about photography, I learnt the hard way and really can’t believe how easy this stuff is now, however it didn’t come easy, I always struggled, particularly with the technical side of photography, now I realise it’s not rocket science and it’s actually pretty straight forward. It’s great to be able to help people and teach them lighting methods and post production methods that work in any situation, this allows people to go and create their own visions. Usually people have ideas and have what it takes to become a good photographer but the technical side really slows them down and prevents them from achieving what they see in their minds.

I have a broad knowledge in most genres of photography but mainly focus on people, so whether you shoot weddings, portraits or fashion I can help you fast track your technique by teaching methods that you can rely on in any situation.

Over the years I have been heavily involved with the SWPP and have presented workshops & lectures across U.K. I have also been fortunate to travel and have helped photographers in Greece, Malta, Turkey, Jersey & Cyprus. Last year I presented a lecture at WPPI in Las Vegas which was an amazing experience.

In 2015 at Europe’s largest photography convention in London I was awarded ‘Master Photographer’. I achieved my Fellowship with the SWPP in 2012 and I have won various print and online competitions. I have also judged at both SWPP and WPPI conventions.

What you can expect to learn...

  • Learn how to use off camera flash properly in any situation, indoors and outdoors, quickly and creatively.
  • Understand directional lighting and how important it is when lighting people. I will be teaching a fail safe method that will help make your clients look their best in all photographs.
  • Learn to shoot variety whilst using the same pose and lighting setup, this helps increase sales massively.
  • Learn to mix available light with off camera flash to get great exposures and guaranteed results every time.
  • Learn to remember that a photograph is a by product of an experience you are creating for your clients, having fun is just as important as creating great photographs. By thinking outside the box you’ll start to create images that are more original, helping you stand out from the crowd and giving your clients memories they will remember forever.
  • Discover that great photography really comes from the mind and imagination not the latest camera gear.
  • It’s so important to have your own style these days, I want to open your minds and help you discover that achieving a style is easier than you probably think. The easiest way to stand out from the crowd is to be different.

Come along for a fast, fun light-hearted experience that will hopefully make you stop and ask yourself the question ‘What do I really want in photography and life?'

Thanks for looking, Richard P Walton FSWPP

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